Key Performance Areas (KPA’s) for Westonaria Local Municipality

To promote integrated sustainable development

  •  Land use management
  • Human settlement management
  •  Infrastructure master planning
  •  Rural development planning

To ensure the provision of sustainable basic services to communities

  •  Physical infrastructure (Roads, electricity network, public amanities, water network, storm-water network, sanitation network etc)
  •  Municipal services (Water, sanitation, electricity, solid waste removal, etc)

To promote sustainable local economic and social development

  •  Economic development
  •  Social development
  • Rural development

To provide safe and healthy environment

  • Environmental management
  • Community safety

To provide a democratic and accountable government for local communities

  • Broaden local democracy
  • Corporate governance

To ensure internal municipal business excellence

Business management/leadership

  •  Strategic positioning (policies, structure, strategic planning, operational planning, focus on core business)
  • Organizational culture
  • Stakeholder relations management/ communications
  • Business performance management

Resource management

  • Human resource management
  • Financial management
  • ICT management
  • Information/knowledge management
  •  Asset management

Herewith  are the council priorities in line with Government priorities
(Twelve (12) Key Outcomes

  1.  Improved quality of basic education
  2.  A long and healthy life for all South Africans
  3. All people in South Africa are and feel safe
  4. Decent employment through inclusive economic growth
  5. A skilled and capable workforce to support an inclusive growth path
  6. An efficient, competitive and responsive economic infrastructure network
  7. Vibrant, equitable and sustainable rural communities with food security for all
  8. Sustainable human settlement and improved quality of household life
  9. A responsive, accountable, effective and efficient local government system
  10.  Environmental assets and natural resources that are well protected and continually enhanced
  11. Create a better South Africa and contribute to a better and safer Africa and the World
  12. An efficient, effective and developmental oriented public service and and empowered, fair and inclusive citizenship