Loadshedding Schedule

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If you are a direct Municipal Customer (receiving your monthly account from a municipality), click the following link to view loadshedding schedules. Please note that Westonaria munic 3B and Glen Harvey is 5A

Loadshedding Schedule


National Portfolio Of Human Settlement visits Westonaria

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The visit by the National Portfolio Committee on Human Settlement led by its Chairperson, Hon Nocawe Noncedo Mafu, comes a day after the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) delegation visited various sites in Westonaria to assess the state of service delivery in the area.

The delegation is in a fact finding mission to evaluate progress relating to housing or human settlement in the area.

In Westonaria they visited a massive mixed housing project known as Westonaria Borwa. The project is currently underway. At least 1200 beneficiaries from the dolomitic area of Bekkersdal and two informal settlements of Thusanang and Waterworks have been allocated completed houses at this project.

Once completed, Westonaria Borwa, which is a stone throw away from Westonaria town, will see 6 500 mixed development residential units being developed.

The project will be developed over five years and will be split on a 50:50 basis. This means that 2 838 stands will be for the fully subsidized housing component and a further 2 611 stands are earmarked for bonded stock. The rental component of the development comprises further 439 units.

This exercise will allow government to make an informed decision how to assist and intervene based on the report that they would have made regarding the status of housing in the Westonaria and West Rand as a whole.



NCOP visits Westonaria

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The NCOP Provincial Week, 21-24 July, 2015 is one of the key mechanisms established by the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) to achieve its mandate of representing the country’s provinces in the national sphere.

The National Council of Provinces (NCOP) Gauteng delegation together with the Gauteng Legislature, Local Councilors visited various sites in Westonaria to assess the state of service delivery in the area.

The oversight focused at the following areas;

Delivery of basic services to communities (water and sanitation, electricity, etc.)

Financial viability (quality of financial statements, credit rating, revenue base, revenue collection rate and systems such as billing systems and debt to state entities, including owed to the municipality by other state entities);

Local economic development (targeted economic sectors and initiatives);

Governance (compliance with legislation, political stability, interventions, administrative deficiencies and malpractices such as maladministration, corruption, etc); and

Spending on the Municipal Infrastructure Grant.

The delegation started at the Hannes Van Niekerk Access Road where the Executive Mayor, Councilor Nokoliso Tundzi gave an explanation on how does the water treatment plant works, the process in cleaning water and distribution thereof. The delegation proceeded to the multi- million Simunye gymnasium and multi-purpose center. The gymnasium is finished while the multi-purpose currently under construction.

The last projects visited were such as Waterpan waterline and reservoir and near completed Zuurbekom multi-purpose center.

After the visits the delegation will compile a report which will be debated in the NCOP and the Gauteng Provincial Legislature for adoption. NCOP will then engage the local, provincial and national spheres of government based on the raised issues, so that they can be addressed.


Metro largely supported in Westonaria

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The proposed merger for all municipalities in the West Rand into a Metro (category B) municipality got a massive support during the meeting held at Westonaria Local Municipality’s Banquet Hall on Wednesday, 22 July 2015.

This meeting was organized by Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) to meet with civil society, Business, NGO’s, CBO’s, Trade Unions, and Political Parties to deliberate and allow residents to air their views on the merger of municipalities in West Rand.

Most speakers of the approximately 500 people who attended, gave thumb to the proposal of merger for all municipalities.

All speakers who identified themselves as being aligned with the ANC and its alliance partners were in favour of the merger, while those associated with the Democratic Alliance, representing a minority, opposed it.

Non-aligned participants to either the governing ANC party or any oppositions, mostly supported the formation of a West Rand Metro.


Municipal Dermacation Board Stakeholder Meeting

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Notice is hereby given to all Councilors, Political Organizations, Civil Society, Organizations, Trade Unions, NGO’s, Business Sector, CDW’s and all other stakeholders to attend a Municipal Demarcation Board Meetings which will be held at the Banquet Hall, Westonaria Main Building, Westonaria, 22 July 2015 at 10h00. For more on this please click the link

Municipal Demarcation Board Stakeholder Meeting